How To Follow Weight Watchers Points Plus In A Smart Points World

As you may or may not know, at the beginning of April I switched from Weight Watchers Freestyle back to Weight Watchers Points Plus. While I have a love for the Freestyle program, and I understand that WW is trying to encourage an overall healthy, maintainable lifestyle, the truth is I wasn’t losing weight on the Freestyle plan. My feelings for Freestyle haven’t changed, but I felt that the switch back to Points Plus was the right move for me because I had already had success on that plan previously. While Freestyle isn’t right for my body to lose weight, I feel it is the perfect plan for weight maintenance.  Ultimately, it’s up to me to make the choices that are right for me, so Freestyle is taking a back seat to good old Points Plus for now. 

Once I announced I was switching back, questions came pouring in about how I was following Points Plus when the WW app doesn’t have that option.  I ultimately put together a video for my YouTube channel that explains everything, and I decided to post it here on the blog as well since the video will explain it in less time than writing everything out would. 

Some of the questions I answer are:

  • How do I follow Points Plus without the WW app?
  • What do you need to follow Points Plus?
  • Are there still Points Plus resources out there even though everyone is on Smart Points?
  • What app am I using?
  • How does that app work?

and so much more. 

Below is my video on how to follow Weight Watchers Points Plus in a Smart Points world. I hope you find it helpful if you also decide you need to get away from Smart Points for a while. Enjoy!

One thought on “How To Follow Weight Watchers Points Plus In A Smart Points World

  1. Maryann says:

    Thank you so much for this!!! I lost 25lbs from Labor Day-Christmas last year and they switched to Freestyle right around then, after that I stopped losing weight and started gaining – even when on the plan! Very discouraged, I stopped going. I recently signed up again but can’t seem to make myself go because I KNOW Freestyle doesn’t work for me. I downloaded I Track Bites and I’m so happy! 🙂

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