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The planner addict in me is beyond thrilled.  I finally got my hands on a Filofax!  Meet my baby: the purple personal sized Malden.  This beauty is made of leather, has great storage and is just plain old pretty to look at.  The worn in look and feel makes it easy to open and close (which sounds silly, but for my hands little details like ease of snaps and zippers are really important) and it can get loved without too much worry of a little mark on it.

While all of the calendars are for 2015 and I can’t exactly start using it completely as I want to right away, I have managed to obtain some materials to make it so I can use the Filofax now, and start planning for 2015.  This post is just about how I’m getting started with the Filofax.  I’m sure as time goes by I will learn what works best for me and things will change around.  That’s what update posts are for 🙂



The Malden

First let’s look at the Malden itself.  The personal size Malden measures H: 7.56″ x W: 5.91″ x D: 1.97″ and holds papers that measure 6.69″ x 3.74.”  On the front cover side you see ample storage which includes a zipper pocket, 4 places for cards, and a large pocket in the back.  On the back cover there is a pen loop and a large pocket for a note pad.  I loved the storage offerings in the Malden, which is why it was my first choice when picking my Filofax.  


What’s Inside

The Malden came with a 2015 week on two pages calendar, which as you can see, I already started messing around with.  I had little cupcake stickers that I used to mark every birthday for the year.  I knew that I wanted a calendar where I could be more specific and write down to-do lists (I’m addicted to those), appointments and have room for whatever else, so I went beyond the week on two pages for a little something more, but I still plan on using this spread for general planning (and decorating) as well as keeping some notes and other fun things on.


My daily planning for 2015 will be on the Filofax Day on Two Pages.  There is plenty of space for me to do whatever I need.  The two columns on the left page let me write down my schedule and appointments, as well as leave me some space to decorate a bit with washi tape and whatever else.  On the right (and maybe my favorite feature) is the 10 space checklist for the day.  Every night, or as I plan my week, I can write down the top 10 things that need to get done that day.  Regardless of if I have a busy day full of errands and appointments or if I have a lazy day with a to do list saying “paint nails, watch movie, go to the gym” I like having a list of things I should get done every day.  The notes section could be great for meal planning, special day reminders or more decorative space.  The possibilities are endless.  This in conjunction with the “week on two pages” spread is how I will be doing daily planning in 2015.

PicMonkey Filo5

Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait for January to start using my Malden for daily planning.  Filofax also has undated pages (pictured on left) which have a smaller, but useful appointments section, a to-do list and a reminder section.  On the back is an entire lined page for notes.  I also picked up a package of their to-do lists.  They’re double sided and are always useful.


The Fun Stuff

A lot of the hype with Filofax is how easy and fun it is to make them your own.  Since I don’t know entirely how I want to design the layout yet, I decided to play with some of the resources I had.  I went out and bought a few packs of color cardstock that were on sale at Michaels and used the plain dividers that came with the Filofax as a template to trace more colorful ones, then I used stickers to decorate and make things a little more colorful.  I’d love to have things holiday themed eventually, because that’s just how I roll 🙂  I purchased a 6 hole punch (see below) to help make creating inserts easier.


My favorite purchase to accompany my Filofax is definitely my Pilot FriXion erasable pens.  I found them on Amazon and they’re absolutely amazing.  These pens write like a dream and erase completely, making me no longer hesitant to write in brightly colored pen all over my planner.  They’re retractable, so there are no caps to mess around with, and only cost me about $22.  I highly recommend picking these up.  They’re an essential to any planner addict’s collection.

That’s about it for the first look at my new Filofax.  I know I have at least one more set of things coming to help make planning even more fun and colorful, so be on the lookout for that in the next few weeks.  I know there are a ton of planner addicts out there, so I want to know what your favorite products, formats, and techniques are.  Let me know in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “My First Filofax

  1. Kanerva says:

    I think I was checking a different store to you! UK doesn’t have, but the US store does. Problem solved 🙂
    Anyway, I’m in Finland so it’s a moot point !

  2. Lisa says:

    I just got my first Filofax too and am so excited to get into planning. Theres so many cool decorating tips out there. Cant wait to see what you do with yours.

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