Christian Song of the Week :-) In Christ Alone by Owl City



ChristianSongofWeekSince I started posting regular “Song of the Week” choices I’ve been trying to decide how to incorporate my Christian music favorites in there, as some of my all time favorite songs are in fact God praising, heart warming and soul fulfilling songs.  After considering a way to incorporate both I decided the best route was to simply start a separate series specifically for Christian song choices.  Rather than posting these along with my regular song of the week posts I thought that Sundays would be a more appropriate time to post these.  So, every Sunday expect another song of the week that is focused on singing praise to God 🙂


I’m going to start this one off with one of my all time favorite songs and my favorite version of the recording.  Adam Young, also known as the singer behind Owl City, recorded this beautiful song randomly one evening and I happened to hear it on a Christian radio station one day.  It moved me like very few songs do; so deep and spiritual.  I don’t know what it was about this particular recording…maybe the simplicity of it?  All I know is I can’t find a recording of it anywhere, and that drives me crazy.  There’s no link to iTunes for this.  Just the video below that contains the recording of this song.

I also rummaged through Adam’s blog to find the 3 1/2 year old blog post he wrote after he recorded this.

Enjoy.  My this song touch you like it has touched me.



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