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Every month I like to put together a list of products that have snuck there way onto my wish list for one reason or another.  This month you can tell I’m focused on a little bit of a clean look and a spring refresh, which is perfect for the new season. With a little bit of fashion, beauty, and home all mixed up, these are the things that have caught my eye lately and I’m dying to get my hands on. 

Lancome Juicy Shaker ($21): These fun little lip oils are one of the most anticipated beauty releases of the month.  The shaker brings a little bit of fun to your lip product application.  The color separates, so you have to shake it like a martini to get it ready for wear.  Once shaken, you open the bottle to find a fun cushion applicator and you softly dab the sheer wash of color onto your lips. It’s a hydrating oil treatment, so along with the bit of color you get a blast of moisture. Even better? Apparently each fun shade has its own delicious scent.  Sadly, these fun lippies aren’t released in the USA until the 21st.

Spring Tieks ($175): You guys know that I am a huge fan of my black Tieks. My review is constantly my most read post on this site. I’m looking to give my Tieks collection (which is only two pairs: black and nude) a fun spring facelift. I’m thinking about adding that stunning matte purple to my collection, as purple is my favorite color and and great shade for spring, but the mint Tieks have been calling to me too.  I’ve been super lusting after the silver screen Tieks, as I love shiny and they’d go with almost anything, but the higher price tag ($235) has kept me away.  Maybe soon, as a reward for something special.  

Blogging Day Coffee Mug ($12): I don’t think this actually needs any explanation.  I love fun coffee mugs, and this mug proclaiming it’s “Blogging Day” is perfect for me since I’m a blogger. I saw Cara over at The Champagne Diet with this and I knew I had to have it.  It’s from Francesca’s boutique, which I didn’t realize had an online shop which means the mug is easily accessible. 

Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Mask ($32): I got a sample of this mask, and it was outstanding.  The Turmeric and Cranberry seed energizes, renews, and brightens the skin for a healthy glow. It’s perfect for getting my skin out of the winter blues stage and ready for its spring debut. 

dRA x Carly Cristman Lumiere Kimono ($148): This is my big “I don’t need it but really want it” item this month. Carly Cristman is a fashion YouTuber and in her latest video she showed us this fashion collaboration she was doing with the brand dRA.  While I was less excited about the top/bottom set, when she showed this stunning beaded cardigan my jaw dropped.  It’s one of those pieces that no one needs, but with my obsession of all things that sparkle, this would make so much sense for me to own. It’s perfect for adding an extra pop of bling to any look, whether your rocking a sleeveless black dress or just jeans and a fitted T.  While $148 seems steep, looking at all of the beadwork on the cardigan, it’s really not.  I have so much want for this beauty. You can order it here, but if you just want to see the collection then check out Carly’s video

Weight for Dessert Plate Set ($24.95): I just happened to be strolling through Z Gallerie last week looking for furniture inspiration when I stumbled across these plates and fell in love.  As someone who is always trying to live out a healthy diet but also constantly struggles with her love for dessert, I instantly bonded with these plates. “Eat, Love, Pray to fit into those skinny jeans.” “Dieting is no piece of cake.” I mean, come on.  These dessert plates belong in my home.  Perfection. 

There’s my wish list for the month.  Let me know in the comments below what products you have on your wish list.  Thanks for reading!

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