Meet Brianna

Hi!  I’m Brianna, the diva behind Diva and the Divine.  I’m a 29 years old and living in the suburbs of sweet home Chicago with my loving businessman husband (who I refer to as Mister in the blog). I love beauty, coffee, Jesus, and animals. I’ve been a Weight Watcher since 2008 and am constantly learning more about the journey to lifetime weight loss and maintenance.  I’m also a housewife, spending my days taking care of my home and husband when I’m not working on my blog. Diva and the Divine is my little place on the internet to talk about life.

While I’m currently a blogger and housewife, one of my biggest passions is music.  I started singing when I was 2 years old in my church choir, and that led to me going to school and earning a degree in Musical Theater.  I also am living a daily battle with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, a peripheral neuropathy that makes me significantly weaker than the “average” human being.  While some days are frustrating and difficult, thanks to being raised with a faith in God and myself, a positive outlook, and the ability to laugh at myself, life with CMT isn’t so bad.

Why “Diva and the Divine?”

Truthfully, my husband gets credit for coming up with the name.  I wanted a place where I could talk about whatever I wanted.  Originally, back when I tried to blog the first time in 2010, I had a blog that was specifically a beauty blog, and while I wanted to recreate that, I also had other passions (like weight loss), since I was moving I also wanted a place where I could talk about my life away from home, and I wanted to be able to express my Christian beliefs in God and Jesus if the topic came up.  Obviously, I am the diva (which comes from most music theater girls being called divas) but I’ve got that whole diva complex under control.  The Divine is a two fold definition. 1: God.  Without the divine God, I wouldn’t be here, so its Him and me.  2: Sometimes it’s about the divine things in life; new recipes, food finds, music, lip glosses and workout tips.  No one said divine things had to be huge!  Find the simple joys, and make them your fuel for life. A bite of quality chocolate after a long day definitely tastes divine to me 🙂

10 (more) Things About Me

1. As I said, I have Charcot Marie Tooth Disease.  It can be a struggle sometimes, but I have defied the odds and made it work.  Luckily I have a husband who doesn’t mind that I have this physical issue, and is supportive and helpful.  He actually sometimes forgets what I can’t do because he never looks at me as someone with a physical handicap.  Read my full story on my life with CMT here.

2.  I have a major sweet tooth.  It’s what caused me to end up overweight, it can still be a struggle, but I work a little (or large, depending on how many PointsPlus I have left) something sweet into my day every day 😉

3. I am a bit of a nerd.  I grew up a major Power Rangers fan and had the entire Pokedex of the original Pokemon memorized at one point.  No, I am not ashamed.  Not at all 🙂

4.  I started singing at age 2 in the children’s choir of my church that my mom directed at the time.  They haven’t been able to shut me up since.

5.  I’ve always loved singing, but seeing Donny Osmond in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” live on stage at age 8 is what really got me into theater.

6. Favorite TV: Biggest Loser, Big Bang Theory, The Bachelor (it’s a guilty pleasure)

7.  Despite the fact I’m highly allergic, I LOVE dogs.  My 4 fur babies are in Illinois and I miss them every day.

8. Favorite musicals (well, a few of them): Wicked, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Last 5 Years, Children of Eden, and Once on This Island..among others

9. My favorite colors are purple and “Elphaba” green

10. My senior recital in college was entitled “Defying Gravity” inspired by the act 1 finale of “Wicked”



5 thoughts on “Meet Brianna

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  2. Victoria Smith says:

    Your muscular dystrophy I never really noticed or thought much about. I didn’t know it was a physical handicap situation.

    • divaandthedivine says:

      A lot of you kids didn’t notice because you rarely saw me stand up. I was always behind the piano. People don’t notice with me unless they look closely at my arms or they see me walk. I lift my legs higher than the average walker because I can’t flex my feet, and my arms don’t straighten all the way and I can’t lift them over my head. Technically, it is a handicap, but I’m functioning just fine with it 🙂

  3. Pamela Von Stowver says:


    I’m a fan. I just restarted weight watchers, I am a singer, and a wife and now a mom of two adopted kids and love Jesus too. we have so much in common although I am years older I am very young minded. What kind of equipment do you use to do your youtube work?



    • divaandthedivine says:

      It seems we do have a lot in common. I use a basic Sony camera (someday I plan on upgrading), and a diva ring light. Final Cut pro for editing and I work on a Macbook pro.

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