5 Gifts To Buy Yourself For Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day that in centered around romance, the pressure to have a date, wear fancy undies, and go all out for that special person in your life. As a married woman, I always love an excuse to do a little something extra special for my hubby, but I also have a few things that bug me about Valentine’s day this year:

  1. My husband isn’t even going to be home. My hardworking man is earning his keep in another state this week, which means I’m alone and romanceless. 
  2. The truth is we should not need a holiday on the calendar to tell us it’s time to have a special night with our significant other. This should happen somewhat regularly.  What’s wrong with a random Tuesday in the middle of June? Nothing, that’s what.
  3. Who says this romantic day needs to be about someone else?? When is the last time you showed yourself the love and special treatment that you deserve?

Today’s post is about #3.  Just because Valentine’s Day is typically centered around someone else in your life doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself. Whether you are single and headed out on the town, have a hot date with your favorite person, are going out with the girls, or you’re like me and for whatever reason (married or not) you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with no one but your dog, you can always do a little something for yourself. That’s why I put together a list of 5 different things you can (and should!) buy for yourself this Valentine’s Day. I kept it to categories rather than specific items because no one knows what you like better than you!

Something For Your Taste Buds

There is nothing this sweet tooth loves more than a delicious box of high-end chocolates (okay, maybe a delicious piece of cake, but still). When I want to truly indulge in something decadent and fancy without feeling guilty about, I take a tip from Shannon from The Simply Luxurious Life. She buys herself super fancy truffles and only allows herself to have one with a cup of tea if she didn’t indulge in something else that day. I find this to be an incredible motivator and something that I will do from time to time. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to buy a fancy box of chocolates and treat myself to one or two on days I stay on track and have a few points to spare. My favorite place to buy myself a luxe box of sweetness is from a local chocolate lounge called Anna Shea’s. Their treats are quite possibly the most stunning pieces of chocolate art I’ve ever seen in my life, and I feel like I’m having a luxury experience every time I go. I went over there yesterday and bought myself a luxurious treat, complete with a heart shaped box, and I can’t wait to enjoy these goodies in moderation.

My beautiful box of chocolates from Anna Shea’s.

Something For Your Underwear Drawer

Who says you need a man to buy yourself something fancy for under your clothes? 😉 If you’re willing to spend some $ on your bra collection, I suggest buying yourself one from Third Love. Their 24/7 T-shirt bra is the best bra I have ever owned (not sponsored, just 100% honest). I’ve put them on birthday and Christmas lists for 2 years straight, and my ultimate goal is to have a complete bra collection of these bras. I own a ton of bras (mostly Victoria’s Secret), but my collection of 3 Third Love bras are the ones I reach for every single day, and I have to actively tell myself that I should wear something else so my VS collection isn’t just sitting there doing nothing. They have half cup size options, a “try it for 30 days” option, and easy returns and exchanges. Investing in your lingerie collection is always a good idea, but on Valentine’s day, it feels like an extra special gift to yourself. If you use my referral link, you’ll get $15 off your first Third Love purchase (I’ll get $15 credit toward a new bra too). It’s definitely worth it. Trust me.

Something To Make You Feel Beautiful

No date? no problem! It’s still a great idea to do something to make you feel beautiful just for you. My plan is a pedicure, as it’s my favorite way to pamper myself. You could go get a manicure, pedicure, blowout (which I’ve never actually done outside of haircut days), or even stop by a beauty counter and have your makeup done for no one other than yourself. 

Something For Your Environment

Whether you decide to buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers (we need a little spring right now) to liven up your space, or go for something that will last a little longer, treating yourself to a little something to make your space feel beautiful is a sure way to warm your heart on Valentine’s day. This doesn’t even have to cost too much. Head to Home Good’s candle aisle for some great budget-friendly candles or a new picture frame or decor item, take it home and feel the positive, happy vibes flow. Since we’re currently working on some home improvement things in my place, I actually went out and got a new lamp and the stupidly pricey but incredibly cool Phillips Hue lightbulb starter set. This isn’t exactly what I meant in terms of something for your environment, but since I did it, I’m considering this one checked off my list. My living room now feels exceptionally cozy in the evenings, and I can even use it to set some romantic mood lighting. Valentine’s Day win!

Something to Experience

This could be anything.  For me, it would likely look like taking myself to (or renting) that movie I’ve been dying to see, but it can take you anywhere. If you check Groupon, you’ll see countless options for various experiences. Escape rooms, cooking classes, dance lessons, and fitness classes are just a few of the options offered on there. My point is, it’s okay to treat yourself to doing something you otherwise wouldn’t. This is something you should do regularly, but it feels easier to justify the purchase when there’s a holiday, so go for it. It doesn’t have to be a date, but you can go out with the girls or even by yourself. Just experience something new and fun. 

Do you buy yourself anything for Valentine’s Day? What are your favorite ways to treat yourself on this romance centered holiday?

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