10 Ways To Get 10,000 Steps

Nowadays I feel like everyone has an activity tracker hanging out on their wrist.  It is a well-known fact that movement is super important, and not only to those of us trying to lose weight. It is recommended that everyone get 10,000 steps in every single day.  While for some this might seem like nothing, to others this could very well be a lofty, seemingly unattainable goal.  In a world of Fitbits and other activity trackers being the norm, I wanted to offer up 10 ways you can get a little bit closer to hitting that 10k step goal.  Now, any one of these tips is not going to get you all the way there on its own, but if you combine a few of these suggestions, I’m willing to bet you’ll be at that magical 10k before you know it.  Ready to get moving?  Here we go!

10 Ways to Get 10,000 Steps

  1. Park Far Away.  I know it seems counter productive to everything we’ve been “trained” to do, but not only will parking far away from the door of your destination require you to get some extra steps, but it will also save you a little bit of time by not having to wait, search, and fight for a closer spot.  Head straight to the end of the lot, park, and get those steps in. 
  2. Take Fido/Fluffy for an extra walk.  Let’s be honest, you aren’t the only one who will benefit from the extra steps here.  Your dog would be thrilled to go on an extra walk.  You’ll earn some extra brownie points right along with those extra steps.
  3. Cardio at the gym.  Okay, so while this is probably the most “well, duh” suggestion of them all, I have to mention it because it’s my favorite way to get close to my 10k every day. I hop on the elliptical and go, go, go, and by the end of my workout, I have made significant progress towards my step goal for the day.
  4. Mall Walking.  It’s no surprise that I love to shop.  I happen to do most of my shopping at Woodfield Mall, which is a pretty huge place.  Since I typically go during the week by myself (while my husband is away and most people are at work, minimizing the crowds), I not only take advantage of tip #1 and park far away (and sometimes on the side of the mall furthest from the stores I need), but I’ll take a stroll around the place before I step foot into any stores.  I get my steps in while doing some quick window shopping that helps me make a list of the stores I actually want to go in to.  It’s a rare day that I leave Woodfield without at least 10,000 steps.  
  5. Take Advantage of Commercial Breaks.  Ah, evening TV time: The time to kick back and relax with your favorite show and maybe even a snack or a cup of tea.  If you’re watching on regular TV, Hulu, or a multitude of other options, you will likely end up being rudely interrupted by commercial breaks.  Rather than take that time to poke at your phone (I’m so guilty of this), get your butt off the couch!  
  6. House cleaning.  Guys, do you have any idea just how many steps you get in when you’re in full on house cleaning mode?  There have been days where the only activity I do is clean the house, and my 10k steps come so quickly, it’s insane.  Vacuum and mop the floors, wipe down counters and dust all surfaces.  Pick up and move all items that are out of place.  Before you know it that step goal won’t be too far away. Bonus: your house will be nice and clean.
  7. Use your meal times to do more than eat.  Have an hour lunch break at work? Why not take half of it to sneak in an extra walk? After dinner is all cleaned up, head outside for a little evening stroll with the family or by yourself for a little decompression time.  Little walks, even for 15 minutes, can really add some steps to your grand total for the day.  It will also help get the blood and your digestion flowing post-meal too. 
  8. Use your phone calls to do more than talk. Chatting it up with your bff or your mother? Pop in some headphones (since most of them seem to have microphones built in nowadays anyway) and use the call to walk around.  Either head outside, or just wander around the house.  Either way, depending on how long you talk, that call can really add some steps. How productive do you feel now? 🙂
  9. Be less efficient.  In a world where productivity and time saving tends to reign supreme, this one could be a hard one to justify, but it’s worth mentioning.  Being less efficient means intentionally doing something in multiple trips that would actually take fewer if you were doing it the productive way.  Doing laundry? Grab a few articles at a time to run them to/from the laundry room rather than taking the whole basket. Make several runs to the car to unload the groceries rather than trying to carry as many bags at one time as you can. Do you see what I mean here?  Less efficiency means more steps. 
  10. House walking.  I do this a lot. Basically, house walking is just walking around your house with the goal being nothing other than moving more.  I will also step in place while watching TV.  Anything to make sure my Fitbit says 10,000 before I go to bed at night.


There are my 10 ways to get to 10,000 steps.  What are some of the methods you use to reach your step goal every day?  

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